"The Real Psychic"

Robyn Carissa, is a psychic out of Regina, SK who has unique abilities to be able to recognize and interpret signals and turn them into meaningful messages.

She attributes her abilities to natural skills that help her recognize signals and turn them into meaningful messages. These abilities aid her in finding out about from the future, communicating with spirits, soul healing, day-to-day counselling, and fortune telling.

Among her biggest attributes, she has the ability to teach others to tap into their own abilities as a psychic and help them understand mysterious signals sent to them by spirits, the future and the ghosts of dead friends and relatives.

"We're all born into being psychic."

Robyn challenges you to think of what you can use these gifts for -- what can you benefit from with this knowledge -- and trains you to use it within your everyday life.

“I was born into a psychic family. I was encouraged to be psychic … I am able to see and talk to ghosts and those kinds of things. But that doesn’t mean that I am the only one. People talk to ghosts all the time. And I can teach people to do the same thing I can do.”


~ Robyn Carissa

Discover Your "Spiritual" Self Summer August 2016 Retreat

Spend a weekend with like minded people surrounded by mother nature and discover your "spiritual" self.

-Releasing old/negative beliefs about yourself

-What psychic tools resonate with you

-Discovering your path

And so much more!!!


Check out the upcoming events for more details in our calendar section as they come available. Limited seating available.